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MATLAB code to implement fits of psychophysical observer models to data from behavioural timing tasks (SJ, TOJ, 2xSJ, ternary)

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posted on 2020-02-17, 16:37 authored by Kielan YarrowKielan Yarrow
This data record consists of a single .zip file which contains MATLAB code (developed using 2010-2016 MATLAB versions) used to fit temporal judgements with several versions of a psychophysical observer model.
Within the .zip file, at the top level, there is a Read_me.txt file which provides details of function calls to use the code. Also at the top level is a folder named 'Model fitting functions' which contains all functions. To use the code, unzip the .zip file, put all files and folders onto your MATLAB path, then type one of the function calls in the Read_me.txt file.

The psychophysical observer model is described in the following three publications (resolving DOI links provided in the References, below):
- Yarrow, K., Jahn, N., Durant, S., & Arnold, D.H. Shifts of criteria or neural timing? The assumptions underlying timing perception studies. Consciousness & Cognition, 20, 1518-31 (2011).
- Yarrow, K., Martin, S.E., Di Costa, S., Solomon, J.A., & Arnold, D.H. A roving dual-presentation simultaneity-judgment task to estimate the point of subjective simultaneity. Frontiers in Psychology, 7:416. (2016).
- Yarrow, K. Collecting and Interpreting Judgments about Perceived Simultaneity: A Model-Fitting Tutorial. In A. Vatakis, F. Balci, M. Di Luca, Á. Correa (Eds.) Timing and Time Perception: Procedures, Measures, and Applications. Leiden: Brill (2018).

The code has informative help text to guide use. Please contact the authors of the papers for further information or if you experience problems during execution.