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posted on 2016-06-16, 14:12 authored by Ernesto PriegoErnesto Priego, Peter Wilkins
A presentation by Dr Peter Wilkins (Douglas College, Canada)
and Dr Ernesto Priego (City University London, UK).
Presented on Thursday 16 June 2016 at the Poetics of the Algorithm. Narrative, the Digital, and ‘Unidentified’ Media conference, University of Liège, Belgium, 15-19 June 2016.

This resource has been shared online immediately after presentation and some minor typos might remain. The actual presentation version might have differed slightly from the content on this file.

Poetics of the Algorithm: Narrative, the Digital, and ‘Unidentified’ Media was an international and bilingual conference organized by the ACME Comics Research Group and hosted by the University of Liège (Belgium), from June 16 to June 18, 2016.

The conference focused on interactive fiction, apps, digital comics, games, e-literature and other emerging, ‘new’ media. The conference will host workshops, roundtable discussions, panels, and presentations of papers.

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