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Sharing Data... A Researcher Perspective

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posted on 2014-05-28, 12:11 authored by James BakerJames Baker, Ernesto PriegoErnesto Priego

Slides from a workshop ran by James Baker (British Library) and Ernesto Priego (City University London)  at the dhAHRC event 'Promoting Interdisciplinary Engagement in the Digital Humanities', University of Oxford, 13 June 2014.

Shared publicly in advance.

This session will offer a space to consider the relationships between research in the arts and humanities and the use and reuse of research data.

Some thoughts on what research data is, the difference between available and useable data, mechanisms for sharing, and what types of sharing encourage reuse will open the session.

Through structured group work, the remainder of the session will encourage participants to reflect on their own research data, to consider what they would want to keep, to share with restrictions, or to share for unrestricted reuse, and the reasons for these choices.