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Audio: Randy Scott on the Superpowers of Librarians. "A Collection for the Americas: Michigan State Looks Past the Horizon" (2001)

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posted on 2016-02-12, 06:42 authored by Ernesto PriegoErnesto Priego, Randy Scott

“My work is dedicated to the proposition that the academic enterprise as a whole needs access to appropriate historical documents.”

-Randy Scott, 18 October 2001 

As part on ongoing Oral Histories of Comics Scholarship Project, we digitised a tape recording of  “A Collection for the Americas: Michigan State Looks Past the Horizon” by Randy Scott, Michigan State University, USA.

It was originally recorded on a Sony MC-60 microcassette and was digitised as an mp3 file using Audacity software.

Originally recorded on Thursday, 18 October 2001 at the Comics and Fotonovelas Area, 5th Congress of the Americas, Universidad de las Américas, Puebla, México.

The panel was titled “Contemporary Latin American Comics and the Need for Preservation” and it was chaired by Jeff Williams.

For more information about Randy’s work, read “The Legacy of Popular Culture and Comic Collections at MSU” at Michigan State University’s web site.

This file is shared with the kind permission of Randy Scott. 

If you cite this or any part of the information contained here or on the deposited file please do kindly use the citation information above.

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