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The Smell and Beauty of Nature

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posted on 2018-08-13, 15:54 authored by Ramiro Joly-Mascheroni, Aline Sardin-Dalmasso
MONA UK is the UK branch of The Mona Foundation that provides sanctuary for rescued chimpanzees, and other primates, where they can live their lives in the most natural environment possible. The primates in our care have all been rescued from abusive or unsuitable situations. Many from the pet trade or entertainment industries where they are likely to have lived through extremely traumatic events like seeing their family killed or suffering physical abuse. MONA aims to rehabilitate these animals, and as they cannot be returned to the wild, provide them with lifetime care and support. As part of my PhD I conducted three studies exploring several behavioural and physiological measurements of the differences and similarities between human and chimpanzee brain activity.