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"Stronger In". A Dataset of 1,005 Tweets by StrongerIn with Archive Summary, Sources and Corpus Terms and Collocates Counts and Trends

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posted on 2016-06-21, 14:09 authored by Ernesto PriegoErnesto Priego
This is an Excel spreadsheet file containing an archive of 1,005 @StrongerIn Tweets publicly published by the queried account between12/06/2016 13:34:35 and 21/06/2016 13:11:34 BST.

The spreadsheet contains four more sheets containing a data summary from the archive, a table of tweets' sources, and tables of corpus term and trend counts and collocate counts.

The Tweets contained in the Archive sheet were collected using Martin Hawksey's TAGS 6.0. The profile_image_url column has been removed.

The text analysis was performed using Stéfan Sinclair's & Geoffrey Rockwell's Voyant Tools (c 2016).

The data is shared as is. The sharing of this dataset complies with Twitter's Developer Rules of the Road.

Please note that both research and experience show that the Twitter search API is not 100% reliable. Large Tweet volumes affect the search collection process. The API might "over-represent the more central users", not offering "an accurate picture of peripheral activity" (Gonzalez-Bailon, Sandra, et al. 2012). Therefore it cannot be guaranteed this file contains each and every Tweet actually published by the queried Twitter account during the indicated period, and is shared for comparative and indicative educational research purposes only.

Only content from public accounts is included and was obtained from the Twitter Search API. The shared data is also publicly available to all Twitter users via the Twitter Search API and available to anyone with an Internet connection via the Twitter and Twitter Search web client and mobile apps without the need of a Twitter account.

Each Tweet and its contents were published openly on the Web, they were explicitly meant for public consumption and distribution and are responsibility of the original authors. Any copyright belongs to its original authors.

No Personally identifiable information (PII), nor Sensitive Personal Information (SPI) was collected nor is contained in this dataset.

This dataset is shared as a sample and as an act of citizen scholarship in order to archive, document and encourage open educational and historical research and analysis.