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Sounds from seeing silent motion: raw datasets from massive on-line survey of the visually-evoked auditory response (vEAR)

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posted on 2018-03-26, 15:51 authored by Elliot FreemanElliot Freeman, Christopher Fassnidge
Raw data from large on-line survey of visually-evoked auditory response (vEAR), at

Results are published in Fassnidge, C. & Freeman, E. D. (2018). Sounds from seeing silent motion: Who hears them, and what looks loudest?.Cortex, doi: 10.1016/j.cortex.2018.02.019

Two files are provided. The one dated 'June' contains results from a large sample of volunteers who clicked through to the survey from online news articles reporting our previous research. The file dated 'June-Dec' contains data from naive participants recruited from an on-line participant pool.

For full details of methodology please refer to the published paper.

Note: Column entitled 'Introductory text' contains responses to the question 'Have you previously been aware of experiencing this type of auditory sensation when viewing visual movement?'

For more information please email author

Hearing-Motion+Survey_June+30,+2017_03.29_merged: main sample of volunteers
Hearing-Motion+Survey_Prolific_JuneDec.xlsx: naive paid participants


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