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Representations of face identity — data and code


These data consist of two .zip files and one .rtf text file. The files are data and code supporting the related manuscript ‘FFA and OFA encode distinct types of face identity information’. The related manuscript describes the use of representational similarity analysis to investigate what type of identity distinguishing information is encoded in three face-selective regions: fusiform face area (FFA), occipital face area (OFA), and posterior superior temporal sulcus (pSTS).

Data description

  • contains face and voice stimuli that were used in the fMRI and behavioural experiments described in the related manuscript. It also contains single images from each face video that were used to compute the image-computable models.

  • contains the following MATLAB .m script files and .mat data files, further details of which can be found in the ‘Project_contents.rtf’ file:

    • Pearson_brain_vs_RDMsAVGScalSq_13F.m

    • Pearson_brain_vs_RDMsAVGScalSq_13F_sortedESCC.m

    • Corr_btw_ModelRDMsAVGScalSq_13F.m

    • RDMs_LDC_12ROIs.mat

    • MODELS_13F.mat

  • Project_contents.rtf provides a brief description of each of the above items.


Research grant by the Leverhulme Trust: RPG-2014-392