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Metricating #respbib18 and #ResponsibleMetrics: A Comparison

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posted on 2018-02-13, 17:11 authored by Ernesto PriegoErnesto Priego
Summaries of Twitter numerical data captured from archiving #respbib18 (Responsible use of Bibliometrics in Practice, London, 31 January 2018) and #ResponsibleMetrics (The turning tide: A new culture of responsible metrics for research, London, 8 February 2018).

No sensitive, personal nor personally-identifiable data is contained in this dataset. Usernames and names of individuals were removed from text analysis results.

Text analysis performed with Voyant Tools.

Categories included:

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Event title
Sheet ID
Number of links
Number of RTs
Number of Tweets
Number of Unique tweets
First Tweet in Archive
Last Tweet in Archive
Number of In Reply Ids
Number of In Reply @s
Number of Usernames
Number of Unique Usernames who used tag only once
30 Most Frequent Terms in each archive
Raw Frequencies
Relative Frequencies

Stop words were applied, including usernames.