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HEALTHEI Scoping Review dataset and analysis_3May2023.xlsx

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This document provides data on the methods and analysis for the 'HEALTHEI Project scoping review: understanding the use of media analysis in public health research through food tax debates.' It provides the raw data for our database searches and documents the screening and coding processes. The spreadsheet includes 12 tabs:

  • 'Scopus(88)', 'PubMed(318)', 'EbscoHost initial search (681)' and 'EbscoHost Screen1 (132)' -- provide the exported databse results into the Excel document for screening; first phase screening excluded irrelevant articles (not tax or food focused) based on the headline
  • 'Metadata_combined' -- groups all database results within one tab
  • 'MDTA_review_R1', 'MDTA_review_R2' and 'MDTA_review_R3' -- Documents the screening process for exported results, including the reason for exclusion (rounds 1, 2 and 3)
  • 'Sheet1' -- Lists early draft inclusion and exclusion criteria
  • 'Final List' -- Provides the manifest data and inclusion/ exclusion criteria for final sample articles, grouped in a separate tab for review by multiple project members and final approval for analysis
  • 'SR_Chart' -- Provides the coding framework and documents the coding process; two authors individually read all sample articles and extracted data on the journal articles' aims, media sources, methods, frames identified, results and conclusions. Each coder used a different text colour (ABC = black, RH = blue) and results were regularly compared and discussed between coders to establish agreement
  • 'Journals' -- List of academic journals for potential publication


Health Economic Analysis incorporating effects on Labour outcomes Households Environment and Inequalities (HEALTHEI) for food taxes

NIHR Evaluation Trials and Studies Coordinating Centre

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