Altmetric Report of All Mentioned Articles with Keywords "Racial" and "Ethnicity" as of 28 August 2014 12:00 BST

2014-08-28T12:21:16Z (GMT) by Ernesto Priego

This file contains a sheet with a list of journal articles obtained from a basic search for the keywords "racial" and "etchnicity" in research papers mentioned online anytime as tracked by Altmetric.

This file contains a sheet with a list of 8,438 bibliographic entries for academic outputs, including DOIs and URLs, and mention counts on different Web services as tracked by Altmetric.

The entries are ordered from the highest-scoring (best quality of online attention) down.

The Altmetric score is a quantative measure of the quality and quantity of attention that a scholarly article has received.

I have edited the spreadsheet adding columns H, I and J, hoping any users of this data are interested in adding the type of access, license and, if applicable, price of each output.

This file has been shared with the intention of creating awareness of the scientific/academic literature mentioning the above-mentioned keywords being mentioned online as currently tracked by the altmetrics service employed to obtain the dataset. This is an unedited report obtained through a basic automated search so not all entries might be considered relevant and users will require to refine the data to fit their own needs. Data might require refining and deduplication.

This file was created and shared by Ernesto Priego (Centre for Information Science, City University London) with a Creative Commons- Attribution license (CC-BY) for non-profit academic research and educational use.

If you use or refer to this data in any way please cite and link back using the citation information above.