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An Archive of 3440 @realdonaldtrump Tweets [25/02/2016 11:35:12 to 21/01/2017 18:54:31]

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posted on 2017-01-22, 13:54 authored by Ernesto PriegoErnesto Priego
What This Output Is

This is a CSV file containing text and metadata of 3,440 Tweets publicly published from the Twitter account @realdonaldtrump between 25/02/2016 and 21/01/2017.

Column D indicates GMT and column E Eastern Time (Washington, DC).

Columns in this spreadsheet are


Data from


has not been included.

Methodology and Limitations

The Tweets contained in this file were collected by Ernesto Priego using a Python script. The data collection search query was from:realdonaldtrump.
The original data harvesting was refined to delete duplications and the data was re-ordered in chronological order.

Retweets have been included (Retweets count as Tweets), so Tweet text duplication is normal.

status_url shows the original URL for each Tweet as it was originally posted, however it is possible those links redirect elsewhere or appear as deleted.  

Both research and experience show that the Twitter search API is not 100% reliable. Large Tweet volumes affect the search collection process. The API might "over-represent the more central users", not offering "an accurate picture of peripheral activity" (Gonzalez-Bailon, Sandra, et al. 2012).

Apart from the filters and limitations already declared, it cannot be guaranteed that this file contains each and every Tweet posted by the account realdonaldtrump during the indicated period. This file dataset is shared for archival, comparative and indicative educational research purposes only.

The content included is from a public Twitter account and was obtained from the Twitter Search API. The shared data is also publicly available to all Twitter users via the Twitter Search API and available to anyone with an Internet connection via the Twitter and Twitter Search web client and mobile apps without the need of a Twitter account.

Each Tweet and its contents were published openly on the Web from the queried public account and are responsibility of the original authors. Original Tweets are likely to be copyright their individual authors but please check individually.

No private personal information is shared in this dataset. The collection and sharing of this dataset is enabled and allowed by Twitter's Privacy Policy. The sharing of this dataset complies with Twitter's Developer Rules of the Road.

This dataset is shared to archive, document and encourage open educational research into political activity on Twitter.

Other Considerations

All Twitter usersagree to Twitter's Privacy and data sharing policies. 

Different scholarly professional associations like the Modern Language Association recognise Tweets as citeable scholarly outputs.

Twitter's search API has well-known temporal limitations for retrospective historical search and collection. Archiving Tweets of public interest due to their historic significance is a means to preserve this form of rapid online communication that otherwise can very likely become unretrievable as time passes. To date, collecting in real time is the only relatively accurate method to archive tweets at a small scale.

Archived Tweets can provide interesting insights for the contemporary history of media, politics, diplomacy, etc.

Though these datasets have limitations and are not thoroughly systematic, it is hoped they can contribute to developing new insights into the discipline's presence on Twitter over time.

The CC-0 license has been applied to the output in the repository as a curated dataset. Authorial/curatorial/collection work has been performed on the file in order to make it openly  available as part of the scholarly record.

The data contained in the deposited file is otherwise freely available elsewhere through different methods.