Altmetrics data for Nature Communications articles by access type, Jan - Oct '14

2014-10-24T16:47:25Z (GMT) by Ernesto Priego

This spreadsheet contains edited data sourced from

Adie, Euan (2014): Altmetrics data for Nature Communications articles, Oct '13 - Oct '14. figshare.
Retrieved 13:18, Oct 24, 2014 (GMT)

Data was edited by Ernesto Priego into two sheets organized by type of access and month of publication, including only articles published during 2014.  (Note: seven (7) records appearing incorrectly as published 1900-1 under the month column were removed. They had no online mentions).

Manual manipulation of the original data was performed so all data should be contrasted with the original source cited above. 


The intention of sharing this edited file is to aid in focusing on the open access and paywalled outputs published between January to October 2014 as provided in the original dataset.