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Altmetric Report: List containing metadata of articles with keyword "refugees" mentioned at least once in the past 1 year

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posted on 2015-09-03, 12:20 authored by Ernesto PriegoErnesto Priego

This is a .csv file containing an export obtained from the Altmetric Explorer containing metadata including links and altmetrics of 498 articles with the keyword "refugees" mentioned at least once in the sources tracked by Altmetric in the past 1 year.

This is the result of a 'dumb search' for the keyword "refugees" in all articles mentioned across all sources tracked by Altmetric during the past 1 year. Therefore data in the dataset will require manual refining depending on your interests. The dataset is also likely to require deduplication.

This dataset is shared as a .csv file as a means to offer a bibliographic collection of academic/scientific articles including the keyword "refugees" and to have a fixed data point documenting the articles with the keyword "refugees"' tracked by Altmetric and their metrics as of Thursday 3 September 2015 at around 13:00 BST.

The links and metrics included in the dataset were correct at the time of exporting the report. Metrics are expected to change in reports obtained at later dates.

Hopefully the sharing of this dataset can encourage research into which of these articles with keyword "refugees" are available open access and which ones are not, as well as the tracking of future changes in their metrics.

With gratitude to Altmetric for enabling access to the data.


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