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posted on 2015-08-18, 19:43 authored by Ernesto PriegoErnesto Priego

The PKP Scholarly Publishing Conference 2015, “Building Open Infrastructure and Programs for Digital Humanities, Publishing, and Libraries”, took place at SFU Harbour Centre, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, between August 11, 2015 and August 14, 2015.

The official hashtag of the conference was #pkp5.

This is a .zip folder containing three files. One is a .CSV file containing 1333 Tweets (∼1266 unique Tweets) tagged with #pkp5 (case not sensitive) from 212 unique users. These Tweets were publicly published and tagged with #pkp5 between 04/08/2015 10:11:01 and 18/08/2015 07:39:23 Pacific Time Zone.

The zipped folder also contains a Summary CSV file and a ReadMe text file providing contextual information including methodology and limitations.

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