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posted on 2022-03-21, 15:38 authored by Sara HeitlingerSara Heitlinger, Alex TaylorAlex Taylor, Rachel Clarke, William Gaver, Cagatay TurkayCagatay Turkay, Alison Powell, Andy Boucher

How might we design and plan urban spaces to be more hospitable for foxes? How might a worm or a nettle plant experience the neighbourhood we live in? What kinds of urban data might parakeets find useful? And how might we design new technologies for more equitable living spaces for all of London’s inhabitants - human and non-human, big and small?

This booklet brings together reflections from a research project called “More-than- Human Data Interactions in the Smart City.” Through a series of probes and proposals, and two workshops in east London with participants that included community organisers, growers, policy-makers, activists, academics, educators and artists, we explored questions about who we share our city with, and how we can better live together with our non-human neighbours with the help of digital infrastructure and data.


Human Data Interaction: Legibility, Agency, Negotiability

Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council

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