Altmetric Report of All Mentioned Articles with Keywords "Racial" and "Ethnicity" as of 28 August 2014 12:00 BST

2014-08-28T12:21:16Z (GMT) by Ernesto Priego
<p>This file contains a sheet with a list of journal articles obtained from a basic search for the keywords "racial" and "etchnicity" in research papers mentioned online anytime as tracked by Altmetric.</p> <p>This file contains a sheet with a list of 8,438 bibliographic entries for academic outputs, including DOIs and URLs, and mention counts on different Web services as tracked by Altmetric.</p> <p>The entries are ordered from the highest-scoring (best quality of online attention) down.</p> <p><br>The Altmetric score is a quantative measure of the quality and quantity of attention that a scholarly article has received.</p> <p>I have edited the spreadsheet adding columns H, I and J, hoping any users of this data are interested in adding the type of access, license and, if applicable, price of each output.</p> <p>This file has been shared with the intention of creating awareness of the scientific/academic literature mentioning the above-mentioned keywords being mentioned online as currently tracked by the altmetrics service employed to obtain the dataset. This is an unedited report obtained through a basic automated search so not all entries might be considered relevant and users will require to refine the data to fit their own needs. Data might require refining and deduplication.</p> <p>This file was created and shared by Ernesto Priego (Centre for Information Science, City University London) with a Creative Commons- Attribution license (CC-BY) for non-profit academic research and educational use.</p> <p>If you use or refer to this data in any way please cite and link back using the citation information above.</p>