Alluvial Diagram- 25 Highest Scoring Academic Articles with 'Africa" in the Title, including Access Type

2014-02-22T13:39:17Z (GMT) by Ernesto Priego
<p>This is a .png file of an alluvial diagram visualising a dataset of the top 25 highest-scoring academic articles with "Africa" in the title according to an Altmetric Explorer report exported on 19 February 2014.</p> <p>Columns correspond to 1) Journal title 2) Abbreviated Article Title 3) Article access type 4) Altmetric score. Source data has been deduped and cleaned and non-peer-reviewed outputs (like Nature news items) were removed from original export.</p> <p>Score data is likely to change in future reports. The Altmetric score is a quantative measure of the quality and quantity of online attention that a scholarly article has received.</p> <p>For more information on how the score is calculated go to</p> <p>Data researched, exported, refined, edited and visualised by Ernesto Priego.</p> <p>This diagram is part of a series.</p> <p>CC-BY Ernesto Priego @ernestopriego</p>