A Summary of a #redux18 Archive

2018-02-15T17:33:16Z (GMT) by Ernesto Priego
A summary of Twitter numerical data captured from archiving #redux18, University Press Redux Conference 2018, The British Library, 13 and 14 February 2018. <br><br>This is an Excel file containing two sheets. <br><br>No sensitive, personal nor personally-identifiable data is contained in this dataset. Usernames and names of individuals were removed from text analysis results.<br><br>Text analysis performed with Voyant Tools. Frequent Terms results limited to top 30; Stop words were applied in order to remove Twitter-specific terms and frequent usernames and personal names.<br><br>Categories included:<br><br><br>Event title<br>Date<br>Times<br>URL<br>Sheet ID<br>Hashtag<br>Number of links<br>Number of RTs<br>Number of Tweets<br>Number of Unique tweets<br>First Tweet in Archive<br>Last Tweet in Archive<br>Number of In Reply Ids<br>Number of In Reply @s<br>Number of Usernames<br>Number of Unique Usernames who used tag only once<br>30 Most Frequent Terms in each archive<br>Raw Frequencies<br>Relative Frequencies<br>Distributions<br><br><br>